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We are a small team of seven people living (mostly) in Vermont. We love product, challenges, being outside, bikes, and people.

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How does this not exist!? We were up after our daughter went to bed researching metal bike bottles and were completely dumbfounded that they didn’t exist. We had found a hole in the market and were quite excited to dive in. When trying to think of reasons to not make a metal bike bottle, our first concern was weight.
At Bivo, our team is made up of a bunch of retired athletes with more competitive spirit than sense. And, recently, we've been itching for a little competition. So, we're bringing you a fun challenge to attempt with your friends and your favorite water bottle: the Bivo Chug Challenge!
When we first considered making a metal cycling water bottle, we knew that using stainless steel would be the way to go. Durable, recyclable, anti-corrosive, safe to drink out of, stainless steel was clearly the best option.