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Spring mountain biking is here. And we're so psyched. All of our friends and everyone in the office is talking about it. But sometimes we don't understand everything they're talking about. So, we compiled a list of must-know mountain bike terms and definitions that will help you out this summer.

It’s a very exciting week for us at Bivo, because, today, we’re launching a new collab bottle with Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA). VMBA has made mountain biking in Vermont what it is today, and we’re proud to collaborate with them for the second year in a row.

Events are such a great way for us hear from our customers. We love the conversations on the road! April 18th kicked off the event season here at Bivo at Sea Otter Classic. Jaab, our newest team member, Mark and Carina flew to Monterey, CA to see 70,000 industry folks, racers and cycling enthusiasts.
With a touch of glorious, sunny weather earlier this week, it's safe to say that the Bivo HQ team is fired up for biking season. We've all been exchanging ride ideas and making plans for lunchtime rides for when it officially gets nice out.
How does this not exist!? We were up after our daughter went to bed researching metal bike bottles and were completely dumbfounded that they didn’t exist. We had found a hole in the market and were quite excited to dive in. When trying to think of reasons to not make a metal bike bottle, our first concern was weight.
At Bivo, our team is made up of a bunch of retired athletes with more competitive spirit than sense. And, recently, we've been itching for a little competition. So, we're bringing you a fun challenge to attempt with your friends and your favorite water bottle: the Bivo Chug Challenge!
When we first considered making a metal cycling water bottle, we knew that using stainless steel would be the way to go. Durable, recyclable, anti-corrosive, safe to drink out of, stainless steel was clearly the best option.
Sports dietitian, cycling coach, retired professional athlete, and team sport director for USA Cycling and professional cycling teams Kristen Arnold shares some advice for hydrating on indoor trainer rides.
When considering an insulated water bottle, people most often think about how useful it will be in the summertime. But insulated metal water bottles have another skill: preventing room temperature from cooling down even when in a freezing car.
Let’s talk cage fit – it’s an important topic when it comes to safety on the bike. We did some serious 3D printing and modeling when we were developing the Bivo One. We became good friends with the team over at River City Bicycles in Portland, OR, who were just a block away from our office at the time – we would go over and show them the shape, see how the bottles interacted with their favorite cages at the shop, and go back to the office with some new ideas. We spent 18 months developing the Bivo One and cage fit was a huge piece of that. The whole River City crew are pretty tough (and reliable!) critics so having their feedback was awesome. They were the ones who turned us onto Arundel (still the Bivo team favs!).
There has been a lot of chatter in the news and social media this week about lead in insulated metal water bottles. I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about lead and other chemical testing we do to ensure Bivo bottles provide you with a safe drinking experience. But before I begin, rest assured, let me just say that Bivo bottles contain NO LEAD. 

Whelp, the cold weather has finally settled across the US as many of us winter lovers were anxiously awaiting true January conditions. Snow fell in Vermont and the team has been out for backcountry and Nordic sessions and we are all loving it. 

BUT, it’s coooooold! And we have noticed many of you using your Bivo Trios in these cold temps to keep water warm, or simply just to keep water from freezing! It has been so fun to see your posts on social media calling Bivo out for keeping you a little warmer and hydrated in these cold temps.