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There is a smile in every adventure, no matter how far the journey

We are a small team based in Richmond, VT. Richmond is home to 40+ miles of mountain biking trails, has access to hundreds and hundreds of miles of dirt roads and some of the best swimming holes in the nation. We love the local cycling community and are so grateful to be part of it! Next time you are in Vermont, look us up and swing by the office!

We think being serious can be fun. Seriously. Think of the post-race laughs and camaraderie created after battling it out in tough conditions. Or, how awesome it feels after finishing a good training session with a teammate. It may be hard and we most likely are taking it seriously, and that's FUN! We believe Bivo can take you and your customers on adventures and will endlessly #fuelmorefun.
In creating Bivo we knew that if our bottle didn't perform as good as a plastic bottle, you wouldn't want it! So, we worked with a former NASA engineer to create our patent pending Gravity Flow nozzle. No chugging, no air, just a clean stream of water.

To us, and we hope to you, this is more than a bottle … it is a chance to #sweatlessplastic

- Carina Hamel & Robby Ringer (founders of Bivo)

Why another bottle?!

We started Bivo with the hope of creating a better bottle. One that would allow others the chance to drink out of less plastic, that would last longer, function better and in the end be healthier for both people and the planet. With that in mind, we set out to design a stainless steel performance cycling bottle with a flow-rate that could keep up with our hydration needs. No chugging, no air, no mold, just a clean path of water delivered with ease.

Smarter, healthier performance

As an active group of skiers, runners, cyclists, and designers we love to continually push ourselves … simply for the joy of it. This passion flows through to how we design – with determination and belief that what we are creating is good for us and good for the world.

Fuel More Fun #fuelmorefun

In our training group growing up we used to run through stinging nettle patches just for the fun of it. We'd laugh on the other side at the pain and how ridiculous we were for doing such a stupid thing. That was fun.

At Bivo, we want to fuel that fun into everything we do. It is who we are, what drives us and we want you to be part of the community we are creating and the change we are bringing to the water bottle industry.