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It's Bottle Delivery Day!

June 27th, 2024 | by Keaton Smith

This week was a big one at Bivo! All week, we were anticipating the arrival of a new shipment of bottles from our factory. Bottle delivery day is always a huge day, because the entire team gets involved to unload and organize boxes of bottles.

These shipments come in about three times a year, allowing us to re-stock on our most popular colors and fill up on inventory of new colors (to be released next season!). This was a full container load - any guesses as to how many boxes? hint: a LOT!

For the past few weeks, our product expert Peter was tracking the cargo ship holding our bottles and, when it eventually cruised into the New York harbor, we all cheered.

Finally, we got wind that delivery day was this Wednesday. So, yesterday morning, a huge truck backed in to our loading ramp and the whole team gathered around, ready to start unloading. Our first priority is always to unload all the boxes from the truck so the truck driver can head out. Then we organize all the boxes.

Our operations lead Sam had a plan. Since we store and ship bottles right from our office space, everything is always a little tight. But Sam drew up a map to make sure we optimized our space as best as we could.

Things are a little tight around the office with all our new bottles stacked up in every corner, even next to our desks!

We had a blast unloading and organizing everything. And, with the music cranked in the background, it only took a few hours. Now, we are officially fully re-stocked with all bottles and colors!

Being small and scrappy is something we're proud of. We all work hard and come together on days like this. Every single person is valuable and essential to our success. We love helping you and your customers get the bottles you want and we appreciate your support!

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