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New Bivo Bottle Guide


Robby and Mark have been hard at work creating a guide to pick the best bottle for you! We have heard that it is sometimes hard to know which bottle does what when visiting our site and this new page is an attempt to make that easier. Some of you in the high heat areas make me laugh at events when you find out we have both non-insulated and insulated models when you comment “why would you even want one without insulation?!” I totally get your sentiment, but honestly, my favorite bottle is the One, our 21 oz non-insulated model. I probably have some biased love for our OG product but I really like the size and shape for how much water it holds. I have never been one to add ice to my water so unless it’s super hot, I’m ok sticking with a non-insulated version.

But, that’s just me and there are so many good opinions out there on volume, weight, temp and design. Robby goes for the Trio Mini as often as possible and is totally on team ice as are many of you! We hope this new guide helps you pick what’s best for your customers. Head on over to to check it out. This is on our B2C site only for now, but we think it will be a good tool for you and your staff to use and we plan to add it to the B2B site too. Let us know what you think!



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