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All about the O-Ring: Remove and Replace O-Rings for Easy Cleaning

July 11th, 2024 | by Keaton Smith

All of us at Bivo care a lot about design and performance. We want our bottles to look sleek, feel great in your hands, and perform really well. 

One element of our insulated water bottles (Bivo Trio and Bivo Trio Mini) that is essential to performance, but doesn’t impact the look of the bottles, is the o-ring. 

On insulated bottles - the Bivo Trio and Trio Mini - the o-ring is tucked under the top of the lid, nestled in snugly above the threading. Hidden, but playing an essential role.

The o-ring, or sealing ring, is a silicone circle, responsible for sealing the bottle tight and preventing leaking. 

As you twist the lid on tight, the sealing ring is compressed, squeezing out any possible escape of water from the bottle. When properly in place, the sealing ring does its job very well– we made sure of that with a rigorous design and testing process (we shook lots of bottles really hard!).

We designed the o-ring to be super easy to clean. (Who likes drinking mold? Definitely not us!) So, we made the venting straw, the nozzle and the o-ring all easily removable and dishwasher safe.

So here is your step-by-step guide on removing and reinstalling your o-ring for easy cleaning! 

Remove the o-ring for cleaning

  1. Open the lid and turn it over.
  2. Remove the silicone straw and identify the black o-ring
  3. Find the small tab on the o-ring and pull it out
  4. Clean it (dishwasher or hand wash, both are great options)
  5. If time allows, let both the o-ring and lid dry before reinstallation. 

Re-install the o-ring properly

  1. Turn your lid over so the nozzle is facing down
  2. Lay the o-ring down in the lid, with the tab facing up 
  3. Position the o-ring so that the tab is closest to the circular valve 
  4. Push the o-ring into its slot and use your fingers or a tool to work your way around the groove in the lid, tucking the o-ring fully into position.
  5. The o-ring is fully in place if it’s evenly in the groove all the way around the lid and doesn’t fall out if the lid is turned over.
  6. Reinstall the silicone straw and you are ready to hydrate!
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    We designed our bottles to be easily cleanable. So here's a guide on how to quickly remove, clean and reinstall the o-ring on your insulated Bivo bottle.

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