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Bivo's Favorite Bike Rides in Richmond and Beyond

With a touch of glorious sunny weather earlier this week, it's safe to say that the Bivo HQ team is fired up for biking season. We've all been exchanging ride ideas and making plans for lunchtime rides for when it officially gets nice out.

For today's story, and in honor of the start of the season, we're sharing our team's favorite rides in and around the Richmond, Vermont area. 

If any of your customers are looking for local ride recommendations or are about to visit Vermont, feel free to share these rides with them! 


Sam's lunchtime lap ~8 miles

From the Bivo HQ, it is just over an hour, and is always a classic for our Thursday night MTB rides during the summer and fall. You're going to want to do the loop clockwise (up Mother's Day, across the Connector and down Graveyard) or else you probably won't have much fun. 
This loop doesn't scream fast and flowy. It takes riding it a few times to figure out how to build and carry speed without getting bucked around. But when you do figure it out, you won't want to ride any other trails, and that's what makes it so enjoyable. 

Keaton's post-work sunset loop ~9miles

This loop gives you a little bit of everything. Dirt roads through the Intervale. Some scenic single track through the Ethan Allen Homestead. And amazing waterfront views on the path home. If you time it right, you'll get views of the sunset at the waterfront and you'll make it home before dark.

You can easily extend this ride as long as you want by turning right and continuing North on the bike path as far as you want before turning around. 


Charlotte's weekend spin ~30 miles

There's nothing better than waking up on a sunny Saturday morning, heading over to Jerico Center to park and getting started on this loop. The ride isn't too hilly and it's a nice mix of gravel and pavement. The best part is the small dirt jump track at the far end of the ride near the Westford School, which is a blast on a gravel bike. 

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