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Events: Our Favorite Conversations

Events are such a great way for us to learn from our customers and the cycling community at large. We love the conversations on the road! April 18th kicked off the event season here at Bivo at Sea Otter Classic. 

Jaab, our newest team member, Mark and Carina flew to Monterey, CA to see 70,000 industry folks, racers and cycling enthusiasts from around the world. We saw friends from Spain, met some retailers we have only communicated with via email, talked to press and walked around to check out the 1,000 or so other vendors.


Jaab also went to Whiskey Off Road, Robby attended Rasputitsa and Keaton went to Boston for the Outdoor Expo. Safe to say the team has been busy and we have all been having some great conversations on the road! For this week’s story, we are sharing our four favorite conversations/moments from our four events in the last two weeks of April. 

Sea Otter! Some of my favorite conversations included why folks switched from plastic to Bivo bottles. One man who raced on Saturday came up and started talking about how much he loved his Duos. He had just raced with them and was at our tent to get a bottle for his wife. His daughter is a doctor and during some testing for some autoimmune issues, he also opted to test for microplastics in his urine. He tested high and realized that the only time he used plastic bottles was while exercising. He switched to Bivo and hasn’t gone back since. 


Rasputitsa! This is seriously the best event. My favorite moment was when I was packing up after the event, a crew from Rasputitsa, The Big Red Gravel Run and Grounded (super cool events from across North America) did a giant Bivo Chug Challenge togetherWhat sets Rasputitsa apart? It's the sense of community. These other events aren’t there just to ride; they're there to support Rasputitsa, pitching in to set up and amp up excitement and fun. And Rasputitsa returns the favor. It's a mutual support system that makes the whole experience downright epic.

*If you have never done this event, please do it soon. It’s the best. It's run by such fun folks who are always looking for a good time. 


Boston Outdoor Expo! Outdoor enthusiasts from Boston and neighboring areas flooded the Boston Convention center this past weekend. A common topic of discussion were the dirt caps I had laid out across the table. "What ARE those?!" so many people asked with curiosity. Once I explained that they protect the nozzle from dirt and dust, they loved the idea! 

My favorite conversation from the weekend was with two people who taught camping and outdoor skills to young people. They said they had been using non-insulated Raw Bivo bottles to heat water up over a camping stove with their students. Single wall stainless steel containers, they had told their students, conduct heat easily and are useful in a pinch on a camping trip! I will try making ramen using my Bivo bases on my next camping trip…stay tuned for a future post about how that goes! 


Up Next: The Five Boro Bike Tour in NYC, kicking off today in Manhattan. It’s a new one for us and we are pumped to check it out. 

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