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Fueling More Fun in Bentonville

When I flew to Bentonville, AR on Sunday evening, I came knowing I would learn more about e-bikes at the People for Bikes Shift Conference, mingle with some other industry folks and see a place I have been hearing about since I entered the bike industry. It's great to see the progress of bike lanes and access to trails right from town. We are learning about what safe access to bikes can do for a community and that data can hopefully drive other regions to follow suit. 

I came this week thinking I would write my blog with a heavy focus on e-bikes, because that is what this week’s conference was focused on. Turns out, I want to tell you about a run I did in Bentonville instead!  Short top take-aways about e-bikes; they are fun, they are coming and hopefully lots of car commuting will be replaced by e-biking.

Now, for fueling more fun. I set out for my run on Monday afternoon to check out the network of trails that have been built right from the center of Bentonville. I wanted to start out by running by the Frank Lloyd Wright home and stumbled across the “Art Trail” about five minutes in. It took me right by the Frank Lloyd Wright house (I got to go inside and it was amazing) and that led me to a trail through an architectural display, Architecture at Home, then right to the entrance of the Crystal Bridges Art Museum.

Never could I have imagined when I left on my run that I would get to see the work of artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Norman Rockwell, Georgia O’Keeffe and Leonardo Drew.

Some highlights included the minute inside Yayoi Kusama’s infinity mirror room, My Heart Dancing into the Universe. It’s a room full of mirrors and colorful paper lanterns that makes you feel like the dots expand forever. She also has a display called the Narcissus Garden in the pond outside the museum; silver balls that all cling together as the wind and current blows them around. After an hour and half of walking around in awe in my running clothes, I set off for the rest of my run. What started as an hour long run ended up in an almost three hour adventure – unplanned, rewarding and fun.

Yayoi Kasuma's My Heart Dancing into the Universe and Narcissus Garden, right outside the entrance to the museum. 

For the next two days, I will be set up at the Big Sugar Expo with some bottles! If you happen to be here, please come say hello. But, more importantly, check out the museum because it’s stunning.


And here's your answer about the artist from the newsletter and in the photo below: Kevin Lyons! Check out his work and brand collaborations, so cool! 

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