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High Flow, Don't Spill!

When we set out to design the first Bivo bottle, we had the cyclist in mind. High flow, ease of cleaning and cage fit were frequent points of conversation. 

Early on, we got a lot of questions about how we possibly could think there was room for another metal bottle in the market. In our eyes, the hole was wide open and we were ready to go for it. But we had to focus on the cyclist and not get distracted. Bivo bottles have many types of fans beyond cycling now - we get comments about how many kids steal their parents bottles, how perfect they are in the car, how great they are for bringing to and from work. We are so glad you like your bottles for daily activities outside of cycling, and we wanted to tell you that while they are good for so many other things, we picked certain paths in the development process with the cyclist in mind. Perhaps this sheds some light on our bottles and why we did what we did in designing our bottles.
Soooooooo.... that means that our bottles pour out really fast. Like crazy fast. Unmatched by any others. That does also mean that if you leave it open, it can pour all over your bag, or your desk, or your car. We send our 5 year old daughter to school with a Bivo bottle sometimes and often when I ask her how the bottle was (in fear of her leaving it open), she says "ahhhh, mooooom, it spilled all over again!" I tell you this so it's clear our intention with the bottle. We chose to optimize the flow-rate of our bottles specifically for quick and enjoyable blasts of water while breathing hard. This was important to us and has become a key feature many of you have come to love.  
I also love Bivo bottles for many things throughout my life outside of on the bike. But it's not leakproof and it does pour out FAST! I don't leave it upside down in my backpack and while I would love it if I could, we would definitely have to change features that make Bivo so special. We wanted to point this out because it's important to know before you buy or use the bottles in a different part of your life. I have to say though - the in the car point is spot on. They really help prevent spills on your shirt in the car! Just please, please, don't put them in your backpack next to your computer! 

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