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The Big Bivo Road Trip

We have this amazing mentor named Neil who has stuck with us after being paired with Bivo during our time participating in the LaunchVT accelerator program last year. THANKS NEIL, you are incredible!

One thing Neil told us months ago was “you two need to hit the road, like in a van and just get out there”. To be totally honest, we were daunted by the idea even though this was exactly the kind of adventure we typically thrive on. The thought of loading up our five-year-old and almost two-year-old into our car sounded a little insane to us at that moment. Perhaps it is. Regardless, screw it, we like daunting and love a little chaos in our lives so HERE IT GOES!

Welcome to the BIG BIVO ROAD TRIP …

Bivo Family


We have been on a quest, call it an obsession, of creating and finding opportunities for personal touches wherever we can at Bivo. Why? For one, because we love connecting with you all and seeing and hearing about your Bivo experiences. We love seeing Bivos in the wild being used and loved by awesome people. What we have also come to realize is that while many of you have totally adopted Bivo (THANK YOU!) a lot of the cycling industry still looks at metal as a strange material to consider using on your bike bottle. We want to throw that notion out the door. We could not think of a better way to break down this barrier and meet you all than putting our family of four into a car this summer and truly GETTING OUT THERE. So here we come!!

On July 17th we embark on what we have coined the Big Bivo Road Trip. We wrapped our personal car in a crazy Bivo water camouflage so you can spot us from a mile away, loaded it up with mostly bikes and bottles and saved a little room for us to cram ourselves into. We will be on the road for about five weeks and have a jammed packed itinerary that will put us from Massachusetts to Colorado and tons of places in between. If you live around these areas and want to say hi check out the itinerary below and please reach out to us via direct message on our IG account if you want to meet up. Carina and I will be monitoring the IG account and would love to say hi!

Here it is folks, we hope to see you out there!  

Start: Southampton, MA (Carina’s hometown)

  • July 18th : Pittsburgh, PA
  • July 20th : Chicago, IL
  • July 22nd : Ragbrai event in Sioux City, IA
  • July 23 – Aug 1 : Red Lodge, MT (Robby’s hometown, saying hi to family)
  • Aug 2nd – 3rd : Bozeman, MT
  • Aug 4th – 5th : The Last Best Ride in Whitefish, MT
  • Aug 8th : Jackson, WY
  • Aug 10th – 11th : Leadville 100 MTB Race
  • Aug 13th – 15th : Breck Epic MTB Race. Carina will be speaking at the Women’s Cycling Summit, a clinic hosted by Sonya Looney
  • Aug 17th – 20th : SBT GRAVEL in Steamboat, CO
  • Aug 21st – 23rd : Denver, CO
  • Aug 24th - 26th : Hotter N Hell in Wichita, TX
  • Aug 27th : Robby drives home to Richmond, VT

FINISH: Richmond, Vermont (Bivo’s hometown and our family’s) 

 The Big Bivo Road Trip Across America 2023

If anyone has any great suggestions for awesome places to eat, rides we cannot miss, things we must see, or how to entertain our children for hours on end please hit us up at or message us on our IG account. Thanks for all your support and being such amazing fans.
Cheers to seeing many of you out there!
Robby & Carina (founders of Bivo)

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